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Monday, 14 July 2014

Ice Cubes - The wonder they can do for you!

What is ice?  Frozen water? Hydrogen and oxygen? Clear, cold cubes?  Yes, these are all true, and on the surface that’s all it appears to be. However, delve a little deeper and you will find that locked inside that seemingly nothing cube is a world of benefits right at your fingertips! 

The wonders of ice seem to be the best kept secret in the world of primping, maintaining and beautifying we women seem all too familiar but luckily for you I know all the secrets, and I want to share them with you!

TIP 1: Radiant skin

Before you apply your make-up or after you've removed it, rub an ice cube wrapped in a cloth over your face. This increases blood flow to the facial area, as well as cooling the skin and removing dead cells. 

This gives you a much more radiant glow, even before you add make-up! It also constricts your pores, so when you apply make-up it can’t get into your skin. 

This prevents toxins and bacteria (which are often in your make-up) getting into your skin which can result in irritation, acne and uneven skin giving you a much healthier complexion!

TIP 2: Hair removal

Hair removal is one of the most tedious, annoying and sometimes painful experiences a woman must suffer, and unfortunately it is an inevitable process which must be repeated all too soon again. Now before you get excited, as wonderful as ice is, it cannot remove hair, however it can ease the process massively in many different areas. For example, before plucking your eyebrows, rubbing an ice cube in a cloth over the area. This numbs the area, which makes the whole process much less painful.

Post depilation, it is a good idea to rub an ice cube over the area. The ice helps to reduce swelling and redness, soothes the areas to avoid irritation and also prevents you from getting those dreaded bumps! This works especially well on eyebrows, underarms and bikini line.

TIP 3: Diminish dark circles

Wrap some ice in a cloth and rub over your eye; the cool steam will refresh your eyes and reduce puffiness. 

You can also experiment by freezing herbal remedies which usually help with this such as cucumber juice and boiled rose water which will help fade the circles.

TIP 4: Toned breasts

Although not water, frozen milk cubes can have benefits to your body you would not have thought! Massaging a frozen milk cube in circular motions around the breast makes the skin smoother and also helps to tone them.