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Friday, 18 July 2014


Cleo chamomile masks have been specially formulated to prevent the signs of anti-ageing, and we have found this to be very successful.  

One customer said to us “It definitely made my skin feel tighter! My skin was so soft when I took the mask off, especially the one with chamomile. I could feel the mask working pretty much as soon as I put it on!”

Chamomile is extracted from the chamomile plant, which means it contains only natural ingredients, thus meaning it is not harmful for the skin in any way. It is in fact the total opposite; its benefits for the skin seem to be endless.

It was first used in ancient China thousands of years ago as a natural sedative to calm people and keep them relaxed. This idea of relaxation is incorporated into our masks today, and we have found using our masks to be a very relaxing scenario.

One customer said to us “I laid on my bed and put on the mask, and within a couple of minutes I was so relaxed I almost fell to sleep…”

Chamomile has long been known to have anti-inflammatory benefits. Inflammation is caused by both internal and external factors. Inside the skin, it is caused by swelling muscles which can be caused by a multitude of things such as heartburn. Chamomile has small particles which can easily penetrate the skin to reach the sore muscles, and the flavonoids in it helps to soothe the muscle thanks to its healing and calming properties. On the outside, anti-oxidants in the chamomile can reduce external inflammation by healing problems with the skin such as sunburn or rashes.

Reducing inflammation can also help reduce the signs of ageing. Bisabolol in chamomile is another agent which also helps to reduce inflammation and can reduce the appearance of ageing by minimising puffed eyes and dark circles whilst also helping to pull the skin tighter.

Our chamomile masks contain a range of other ingredients to aid in all these processes, such as grape seed extract, witch hazel, liquorice extract and many more completely natural ingredients all of which have their own benefits which contribute and compliment the chamomile well.

A chamomile face mask from Cleo should be applied to clean, dry or slightly damp skin and left on for 10-15 minutes. Once you have finished, discard the mask and rinse your face with lukewarm water. After use, why not apply some Cleo moisturiser to continue soothing the skin?

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