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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Cleo Q Independently Reviewed for SHE Magazine

The no-exercise total body workout.

Cleo Q Multigym, £525

The claim: Top-to-toe toning.

The method: Targeting 10 areas of your body, this uses electric pulses to contract muscles as if you were exercising.

Testers verdict: Francesca, 31, Peckham. 'You need to be a geek to get through the wad of complicated instructions. When I finally got it working, the whole process took 90 minutes. 

I used it five times a week and the results started to show after a month. 

I would recommend it to friends, but it's a big financial investment and time commitment, so only buy one if you're sure you'll use it and not simply let it gather dust in the wardrobe!'

Result: 4/5