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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What causes cellulite?

There are many causes of cellulite and it is likely that some are yet to be discovered, but we do know that they are a mixture between our biology as a species and the bad habits modern life encourages.

Hormonal imbalances  
Any hormonal imbalances in your body can cause the reaction of fatty deposits to grow in such a way that leaves you with dimpled skin. There are a number of reaso
ns that hormones may be imbalanced; including pregnancy, birth control pills, menopause as well as stress, fatigue, lack of exercise and poor diet.

Your own physiology can be a deciding factor in your predisposition to cellulite, such as your metabolism, how your body distributes fat and how effective your circulatory system is, and these biological factors are difficult to change. Cellulite is also hereditary, so it is worth talking to relatives about this, as they might have helpful information about what worked for them. 


In today’s society our dietary habits have lost their purity. Our need to have everything in an instant has brought about processed foods that are high in salt and fat and soft drinks full of sugar, caffeine and artificial sweeteners, all of which are highly addictive. These low quality menus are one of the leading causes of cellulite; their poor nutritive value creates fats in the body that are hard to burn.

Before you decide to starve yourself and live off rabbit food, both aggressive dieting and prolonged dieting are also causes of cellulite. Your body reacts to your diet by storing certain fats more than it normally would, and these fats can be hard to remove in the future. Aim for short term, small diets that are balanced with easy to digest fats, in the long term you should increase the amount you exercise. 

This rather encompassing area covers our unhealthy habits in life. Excessive drinking, smoking, sitting at a desk or on the sofa watching TV for too long and a lack of regular exercise all have an effect on our body’s development of cellulite. Many of these lifestyle indulgences leech important vitamins and nutrients that would prevent this fatty build up, whilst others prevent our bodies from burning fat and inhibit genetics to perform as they would in a healthy person. 


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