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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Expert Beauty: Cleo Q Review

What is it? Cleo Q Facial Toning Machine

What they say!

‘Cleo Q' is a safe and effective natural alternative to other often risky and expensive cosmetic procedures. 

Via strategically positioned medical grade electrode pads, it transmits a unique series of multi-sequential micro-pulses to revive and retrain your deep muscle layers, rejuvenating your complexion and firming and toning those difficult to exercise areas. 

As well as giving you a full facial workout, stimulating all the muscles of the face, neck and d├ęcolletage, toning and lifting them back into shape, Cleo Q Face, unlike other facial stimulators, gives you the flexibility to target specific problem areas to suit your personal needs.’

Our tester (Lynne, 54) says: I felt excited to use this product as I’d never used anything like this before.  It came with a moisturiser and facial scrub to use in conjunction with the toner, and these products smelt pleasant and not overwhelming.

There are different programs to try and I started with a full facial workout at level one for two weeks. I moved onto a combination of upper and lower facial workouts alternating with the neck workout. I went up to level five over the next ten weeks. Although this may sound like a complicated program, the instructions made it easy to follow and the photographs were helpful.  I didn’t find the routine a hassle at all.

Results: During the first fortnight of the three month period I saw an improvement in skin tone and firmness; however I think I reached a plateau after the first few weeks and on reflection didn’t see enough improvement my problem areas (jowls and neck) over the course as whole.

Pros: I enjoyed the full regime (i.e. the toning machine with the skin care) and felt as if I was doing something beneficial for my skin. It was surprisingly easy to follow a routine.

Cons: It can get expensive replacing the pads and I for the price I was hoping for more noticeable results. I am going to continue to use it and try it on other areas such as the hands.