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Monday, 28 March 2011

Facial Magic…Probiotic Skincare Review

Skin Nutrition With A Difference


The concept of slathering animal bodily fluids on our skin whether it be nightingale droppings or snail slime is by far normal practice now more than ever and if it’s on the premise of turning back the clock and combating the dreaded signs of ageing be sure to see us first in line to try it out!

If you’re not so daring you’ll love Probiotic skincare which is said to be soaring in popularity, women are seeking new chemical free ways to maintain healthy skin and avoid the wrath of time. Club Cleo, is a huge advocate of the benefits ‘friendly’ bacteria can bring.

Introducing its 

Deep Cleansing Moisture Mousse (£14.99 / 150ml), 
Skin Sheer and Radiance Polish (£19.99 / 50ml) and 
EGF Regenerate Nourishing Crème (£29.99 / 45g), 

Club Cleo’s Probiotic range contains a base of pearl extract and aloe.Along with a multitude of exotic nutrient rich active plant extracts, the Moisture Mousse has a hint of green tea and liquorice, the Radiance Polish a touch of papaya and chamomile, and the Nourishing Crème a dusting of jojoba and applephenon. All enriched in natural nutrients including amino acids, peptides, probiotics and lactic acids. The mineral and herbal formulas promise to promote biosynthesis of collagens, fibronectin and keratin, increasing the skin’s oxygen absorption to encourage healthy cell renewal.