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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Getting Active - Let Cleo help put a spring in your step

The approaching longer, lighter days of spring is the time many of us start to become more physically active and introduce regular exercise into our routine.

Exercise is important to maintain a healthy heart, manage our weight and reduce the risk of diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure.  Leg exercise in particular is an important part of maintaining mobility as we age. 

Keeping our legs moving is essential to sustain healthy circulation and joint movement. Our circulatory system is responsible for keeping blood, oxygen and nutrients flowing through the body.

Poor circulation is not only a problem as we grow older, but the underlying cause of many aches and pains in young adults too and can be the reason for many minor health problems, restrict mobility and have a significant impact on our quality of life so it’s better to prevent problems from developing.  As modern living increasingly involves less activity, keeping your legs active is crucial to circulatory fitness.

Minor leg circulation problems if ignored or untreated can be responsible for the cause of more serious conditions, some of which include: heart failure, stroke, limb loss.

Causes and symptoms of poor circulation
Although some causes of poor circulation are hormonal or hereditary, for many, illnesses such as obesity and diabetes and poor diet coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle are responsible.  As well as restricted mobility, symptoms can include;

- Numbness in legs & feet
- Throbbing or stinging pain in the limbs
- Pain in the legs
- Muscle cramps
- Swelling & fluid retention
- Aching & fatigue
- Tingling
These symptoms can easily be prevented from developing or significantly reduced by following a few simple tips.

7 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Leg Circulation

·        Don’t sit or stand in the same position for too long – it’s important to move around to get the blood flowing to your legs.  If you have a desk job, ensure you get up and move around every 1-2 hours even if just to the bathroom or kitchen area.
·        Avoid crossing your legs – crossing your legs can restrict blood supply so try to avoid this whenever possible.
·        Exercise regularly – walking, swimming, running, hiking or biking are all good ways to keep your circulation flowing, however even some light yoga or a half hour walk daily can help.
·        Wear comfortable shoes – wearing high heels or pointed toe shoes can restrict blood flow so try to wear shoes that give your feet room to breathe, choose rounded toe shoes and wedges over stilettos.
·        Wear support stockings – these are specifically designed to help blood flow in your legs especially if your mobility is restricted such as during flights, long car journeys or after surgery.
·        Stop smoking – smoking can cause hardening of the arteries and significantly reduce blood flow.
·        Leg Massage – used in sports and athletics for many years to help relieve pain, strengthen muscles and heal injury, leg massage is recognised to be beneficial to improving circulation, performance and general fitness.
·        Alternative Leg Massage Treatment - if you can’t afford physiotherapy massage, are unable to exercise due to time or mobility constraints or simply don’t have the motivation, an alternative method of stimulating circulation can be a fantastic substitute to ensure general well-being.
Cleo Active leg massage boots are an easy, effortless way of achieving the same benefits you would receive from a professional massage therapist, or as a substitute for exercise and can be used in the comfort of your own home at your convenience, providing the essential stimulation your body needs

The Benefits of Cleo Active Leg Massage Treatment

Cleo Active is a mains operated home-use leg massage treatment designed using pneumatic air compression boots to provide a therapeutic and relaxing lower leg and foot massage.  

      It helps to...

·        Soothe and relax your lower leg muscles
·        Revive your legs if you have lack of stimulation and limited mobility
·        Promote relaxation and comfort to your legs
·        Prevent leg problems developing if used regularly
·        Improve your general well-being
How Cleo Active provides these benefits...

  • It gently applies and releases compression below the knee
  • It mimics the pumping action of exercise
  • It replicates the sensation of a physical ‘hands on’ massage

Simple and Easy to Use
Cleo Active leg massage treatment is delivered through lightweight knee high compression boot leggings which connect to a hand held computerised control unit with a simple button press operation panel.
There are 3 strength settings and 2 rhythm adjustments to suit individual requirements.  The leg massage treatment is pre-set to run a 20 minute treatment session and has a built in shut down timer for ease of operation.
The boots are open toed with either a front zip or Velcro fastening depending on the size you choose and made from a lightweight maintenance free, strong but delicate material providing maximum comfort and durability and minimum maintenance. 
Extremely Versatile and Highly Rated
Cleo Active not only invigorates your legs, it looks after your entire body and can help a wide variety of people from athletes, to the elderly, office workers or those on their feet all day.  In fact anyone wanting to revitalise or improve the condition of their legs or provide relief for those with existing leg problems.
NHS Tried & Tested – recommended by Cardiovascular Surgeon Dr Sowinski 

Our customers are extremely satisfied with Cleo Active, many giving it a five star rating in their reviews.

The Relief! “I work in IT and sometimes sit for 10-11 hours a day and one leg has vein narrowing that is causing pain and fluid in my foot. The relief from these inflatable booties is ENORMOUS. I've tried leg elevating and other stuff but this is the only thing that relieves the aching. BRILLIANT. And my Dr recommends I keep on with it.” Mrs Cozens

Cleo Active has improved my quality of life in many ways “I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and one of the things my GP was worried about was the circulation in my legs. Being partially disabled I was limited in the amount, and type of exercise that I could do, which in turn would affect my circulation. To help this, my daughter bought me Cleo Active to try it out. As well as improving my diabetes management, Cleo Active has improved my quality of life, by helping to control my restless leg syndrome.” Trevor Robshaw

I’m so glad I found the Cleo leg therapy machine, WOW “ I found this whilst looking for something else; my legs were swollen and I was having cramps nightly. Well, I having been using this for seven days now twice a day, I can already feel the benefits I can now see my ankles have had no cramps and my legs feel fresh. Overall fantastic experience wished I’d found it years ago.” Anna Ponting

For further details about how you can benefit from an effective home leg massage treatment for just £74.99 with Cleo Active click here

Alternatively, call 0871 2211340 to speak to one of our specialists who will be more than happy to help.

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