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Friday, 14 March 2014

Top Cleo Pad Tips - Understanding your Electrode Pads

Top Cleo Pad Tips - Understanding your Electrode Pads

This week sees the online release of two new Cleo information pages; designed to explain everything you would ever want to know about Cleo pads:

We’d like to take this opportunity to run you through each of these sections quickly but if you’d like more detail please visit the new Pad Types and Pad Care pages.

Pad Types

Cleo pads are different shapes and sizes to suit different body areas:

  > Face pads – either round or oblong to suit different face shapes. 

  > Neck pads - square in shape and ever so slightly larger than the face pads. 

  > Body pads – also square and much bigger in order to cover larger areas; used for all Cleo body programs.

Recommended Cleansers

We advise using only Cleo formulated cleansers which have been specially developed to enhance the adhesive properties of your pads, as well as the effectiveness of treatment. Using our cleansers will extend pad life meaning you won’t need to purchase replacements as often.

How are Cleo pads made?

Cleo pads are made using a medical grade, non-allergic, hydro-gel. Whilst hydro-gel may sound like some sort of complicated scientific concoction it is actually just made from water in a suspended state. Our pads have a long shelf life of around 12-24 months and on average 1 set should last between 4-6 weeks with normal usage. 

How to make your pads last longer


Cleansing: always use Cleo cleansers before each treatment, and for best results use Cleo’s Skin Radiance Polish once a week to remove dead skin cells.

     > Storage:  always replace your pads onto the silicone lining of the pad sleeve, and for best results place them in an air tight container in the fridge.
Why might my pads not last as long?

     > Poor or incompatible cleansing methods

     > Changes in your diet

     > Hormonal changes

     > Incorrect storage

There are many other factors that influence pad adhesion and longevity; find out more here.

The ongoing cost of treatment

Save money by buying your pads in bulk; if you order our value pack of 10 sets treatment costs as little as 10p per session. 

Get your new pads here, remember to buy in bulk to save pennies!