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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Why February is the best time to start your New Year’s resolutions…

Why February is the best time to start your New Year’s resolutions…

Every New Year brings with it grand plans of self-improvement and good intentions in the form of resolutions. Unfortunately it is also the case that less than 10% of us actually follow through with these plans beyond the first month of the year. Recent research suggests that we’re more ready to adapt and more likely to uphold our promises once the dust has settled on 2014 – and February is the perfect month to make changes! And this time, it’s all about realistic goals that are challenging – but not overwhelming.

The lead up to Christmas is frantic – parties, lunches, shopping, cooking, travelling, working – or all of the above! The festive period then brings more of the same – with over indulging often playing a leading role. Due to all the hilarity and frivolity December brings, we decide enough fun has been had and now we must punish ourselves by eating nothing but cress, exercising for a minimum 3 hours a day & purchasing all moisturiser within a 10 mile radius to make up for it: I gest but am sure many can relate… 

January can seem like a very long, tiring and stressful month. The adjustment back to a normal daily routine alone takes its toll – it’s not quite like the return from a 2 week holiday which consisted predominantly of lying horizontal and reading a book. Not to mention getting to grips with all those jobs you put the “let’s get Christmas out the way” sticker on just weeks before… All of this, coupled with the pressure you have put on yourself to be the model of health, means something’s got to give… 

However, studies indicate that we’re much more likely to stick to ‘resolutions’ after the January window has passed… You are back to normality, the bank balance is recovering and others are less focussed on asking you ‘what you have given up’ and more occupied by the spike in the price of red roses and aversion to Easter eggs beginning to appear in supermarkets… So February is the time to make a change, ladies!

Here’s some advice to make your resolutions more manageable:-

Decide what parts form the big picture, and then break them down:

Let’s take the obvious ‘losing weight’ as the big picture: now look deeper at different ways this can be achieved – for example, more exercise, less fat, less alcohol and so on. Once you have these, look at setting achievable goals that will work for you. Rather than cut out something you enjoy completely – reduce consumption by a third in the first month, more in the second month etc. Setting realistic goals increases motivation and gradually helps replace bad habits with good ones.

Get the timing right: 

Timing these goals is another important point. Exercise is always harder to fit in and be enthusiastic about when it’s cold, so focus on improving your diet during winter, then introduce exercise when the summer comes. 

Treat yourself:

What you’re doing is good for you, whatever it is. If things are going well and you are reaching your short term targets, make sure that you reward yourself for your success at the end of each month!
We have focused on how these things can be applied to weight loss, but they can be applied to any life changing goal – be it managing stress, giving up smoking or getting fit. 

Good luck to anyone who is starting or continuing with their resolutions, this is just the beginning to a healthier and happier you. 

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