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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New & Exclusive Luxury Spa Range Aromatic Herbal Pillows

The Perfect Christmas Gift: New & Exclusive Herbal Pillows!

Unbelievably, the festive period is creeping up on us again…
Soon people everywhere will inevitably be tearing their hair out wondering what to buy for their loved ones this year. 
Well, look no further! Club-Cleo, market leaders in natural health and wellbeing solutions are launching their new and exclusive Arose Thai range of luxury spa thermo-aromatherapy herbal pillows just in time for Christmas.

Providing an all-natural way to alleviate aches and pains, relieve stress or tension and enhance relaxation, Arose Thai pillows are a great gift for a family member or friend. This fantastic collection includes herbal pack, neck pillow, back wrap, eye and wrist pillows and a Thai hot massage compress.

The subtle therapeutic weight of the herbal pillow placed across a tender or inflamed area will gently relax muscles and create evenly distributed mild acupressure on sore points to alleviate multiple symptoms. The pillows can be heated or chilled, making them versatile for use on a variety of ailments and great all round holistic remedies for all ages.

Arose Thai Pillows are 100% natural, reusable, long lasting and filled with a specially formulated fragrant blend of five exotic herbs providing a unique comforting and soothing aroma.

Special healing qualities of ingredients:

Organic Jasmine Rice: used in hot compresses as a medium for absorbing and maintaining heat.

Mint: a natural stimulant, with anti-bacterial properties, used medicinally as an effective heart tonic.

Ginger: highly energising with active blood circulation benefits. 

Lemon Balm: gentle herbal relaxant with sedative properties, it induces calm and serenity.

Lemon Grass: renowned for relieving pain, tension and stiffness, it acts as a natural de-sensitiser.

Wan-Sao-Long: the hero of Arose’s unique blend. An extremely rare herb only found in limited areas of Thailand, it has an enticing sensual aroma and possesses powerful antiseptic properties.

Beautifully gift packaged, Arose Thai pillows are priced £12.50 - £24.95 available exclusively HERE