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Club Cleo Health, Beauty, Wellbeing
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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cleo Q MultiGym by Beauty Magazine

Gym-Free Toning

If going to boot camp or under the knife seems too extreme, then the Cleo Q MultiGym might just be the natural, sweat-free option your customers are looking for.

The latest all over toning device uses different sequences of unique pulses to re-train muscles to lift, tighten and firm in a bid to defy the ageing process. Place the pads anywhere, from your face to your bottom, thighs to your upper arms, then sit back and relax during the seven minute 'work out'.

Janine Kay of Club Cleo says, 

"On your face alone it can lift your eyebrows, shape your cheek muscles and add definition, tighten your jaw line and restore lip fullness - without any kind of implants or injections." For best results it should be used four to five times a week. A top tip is to cleanse the skin thoroughly before use to ensure the pads stick. Price: £375