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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Woman & Home Review of Cleo Q

Woman & Home Test Cleo Q Facial Toner

Cleo 'Q' Facial Toning System, £375, uses electro-muscle stimulation to gently contract muscles to tone, lift and strengthen them naturally and stop any slacking in the face.

HOW IT WORKSUse the wash and peel that comes with the toning system, and then place pads on the areas that concern you the most. 

Use every few days for about seven minutes.

W&H VERDICT"It does take some time to work out and is a little fiddly, but after only a couple of days, I have really felt and seen a difference. My skin feels more taut and has a noticeable lift. The price may seem a little hefty at first, but cost per use justifies it for me!"