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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Pelvic Toning… The Path To Understanding Incontinence

Know Your Body..Learn How To Fix It

As increasing amounts of women are breaking the silence surrounding pelvic floor problems, Janine Kay, mother of 3 and Managing Director of Club Cleo who manufactures a medically certified device to strengthen the pelvic muscles, shares her experience and expertise on the issue. 

Urging women with symptoms to become more aware of the implications of not dealing with the problem, she offers facts, tips and advice for women suffering from incontinence.

Pelvic floor weakness is more common than hay fever, affecting around 1 in 3 women in the UK.

Childbirth, hormonal changes during menopause, prolonged or excessive exercise, and aging are just some of the common causes of pelvic floor weakness. 

However, women in general are (unfortunately!) more susceptible to pelvic floor problems due to the design of the urinary tract, which is shorter in females than in males, and as such is more likely to attract infection.

The openings from your bladder, bowels, and womb all pass through your pelvic floor. It actively squeezes when you cough or sneeze to help avoid leakage, and if it isn’t working effectively, you may suffer from an urgent/frequent need to pass urine with decreasing control over this function.

It’s vital for all women to adopt an effective pelvic exercise routine to ensure they maintain future pelvic health and aren’t restricted when it comes to taking part in certain activities or exercise.

Problems associated with pelvic floor weakness include: stress, urge or mixed incontinence and in extreme cases stool incontinence; genital prolapse, also caused by stretching of the ligaments that support the uterus; poor muscle control during labour and delivery; and decrease in sexual lubrication and arousal.

It has been known for women to spend over £250 a year on absorbency products just to manage the effects of their pelvic floor problems (I’m sure this wouldn’t be at the top of anyone’s shoping list!)

Doctors around the world acknowledge that at least 80% of cases of incontinence can be improved or even cured by regularly exercising the pelvic muscle.

Stimulation of the pelvic floor not only improves control of the bladder and responsiveness during intimacy but also increases blood flow to the region, encouraging healthy cell renewal. This reduces the risk of infection and helps to prevent problems associated with pelvic floor weakness developing in the future.

In the 1940’s a technique was developed to stimulate the pelvic muscles by means of a ‘squeeze and release’ method, known as ‘Kegel’ exercises. The recommended daily amount of traditional kegel contractions required to restore healthy muscle tone to the pelvic area is a minimum 350-450, which most women find exhausting and impossible to achieve.
Janine said:
“I’ve spoken to so many women about living with the effects of pelvic weakness, and there has been a common theme amongst them – most of them had been in denial for a long time before they sought help, all felt trapped by their bladder sensitivity, most had low self esteem, some became sexually introvert, and many just didn’t know they could fix it.”

“I’m pleased to say that we have helped lots of women over the past few years, who now feel liberated, confident and feminine and most importantly back in control of their body and their wellbeing. It’s very rewarding to hear how your work has had a positive effect on someone’s life.”

Club Cleo’s medically approved and certified ‘Cleo Q Discreet’ can safely and effortlessly provide up to 1500 comprehensive contractions during a single session lasting only a few minutes, which would be impossible to match by any other method.

Janine continued:

“Our technicians have developed a revolutionary way to stimulate the pelvic floor, using the most advanced technology available today - CCST (cumulative charge stimulation technology) combined with a unique Bi-Polar Migration System (transmission & recovery via both poles). This unique delivery method, exclusive to Club Cleo, sends frequencies by ‘pocket energy’ pulses and is capable of safely and accurately delivering up to 1000 times more energy into the muscle* than any other conventional form of muscle stimulation, meaning for the first time ever, the whole of the pelvic muscle group can be treated more effectively and comfortably in a fraction of the time.”

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