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Club Cleo Health, Beauty, Wellbeing
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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Don’t Let Modern Living Affect Your Circulation

Look After Your Legs & They'll Look After You

Club Cleo, the brand leader behind health and wellbeing treatments, is working to raise awareness of the risk of developing poor circulation as modern living increasingly involves less exercise. Stressing that it’s crucial to stay as active as possible to help the blood flow from the feet to the heart, Club Cleo is working to keep the population healthier for longer.

‘Cleo Active’ is a computerised leg conditioning system which uses lightweight leggings to perform simple 20 minute compression massage treatments, and is all it takes to help keep your legs in great condition. Ideal for everyone from office workers and athletes, to the elderly and those who suffer from fluid retention and swelling, Cleo Active uses air pressure massage to boost circulation, helping to reduce swelling and soothe aches and pains, as well as enhancing lymphatic drainage (removal of toxins) and dispersing lactic acid after exercise.

The leggings work by mimicking the pumping action of exercise, gently applying and releasing pressure to increase blood flow along with the optional Reflexology foot pads which stimulate different reflexes of the feet, providing a relaxing, effective treatment. Up until now, this treatment has only been available from hospitals and physiotherapists.

Janine Kay, Operations Director of Club Cleo comments:

“Lack of regular exercise and leg activity can often lead to serious problems such as varicose veins, spider veins, DVT or simply unhealthy looking, aching legs, which no-one wants! For people with limited mobility, or those who don’t have the time or motivation to go walking or jogging after work, Cleo Active provides an excellent way of keeping your legs active and healthy, stimulating the muscles and blood flow to give you healthier, comfortable and more attractive legs.”

Cleo Active can help anyone suffering from the following:

Poor circulation

Fluid retention and swelling in the legs and feet.

Irritable / restless leg syndrome

Varicose veins / DVT

Athletes Cramp / Lactic Acid build up

Restricted mobility

Tired, aching legs from being on your feet all day

Reduced activity e.g.: office workers


Cleo Active is one of 3 main Club Cleo products: Cleo Q, a complete face & body toning kit which uses safe electrical impulses to treat 10 different areas, and Cleo Q Discreet, a toning system that strengthens the pelvic floor, are 2 other best sellers.

Club Cleo also stocks a wide selection of natural health and beauty products including pamper packs, breast enhancement supplements, an intimate care range, perfumes, and health and beauty accessories. There is no animal testing in any of Club Cleo’s products. For more information please visit the new site or call and speak to one of the experienced team on 0871 2211340.